Different Computers Students Use For Virtual Learning


Alice Wu and Gabriella Rios

Learning during a pandemic has required a laptop or another electronic device as a necessary school supply. Students at Falcon Cove use a variety of different laptops to log on to their daily Microsoft Teams meetings. Like other school supplies and basically any object in general, there are many types of computers from many different brands. From MacBooks to Dell to LG computers, students at Falcon Cove use a variety of laptops when learning.


During a school meeting, it’s important that a student’s laptop functions with basic features, like a microphone and camera. This makes communicating with and seeing teachers and fellow students easier. A MacBook Pro has just that.


“I use a MacBook Pro, and the battery does run out a little quickly because of Teams, but the mic and camera quality is pretty good,” 7th grader Patricia Duffy says. “I also like how I can easily switch through windows and pages.”


Another popular computer brand among students are Dell computers. Dell, which is best known for its innovations in supply chain management and electronic commerce, are very well functioning while also fitting into budgets. 


“It works super fast and is large in size,” says 8th grader Valeria Pulido, describing her black Dell laptop. 8th grader Hanna Rose Sadoughi adds, “It’s a perfect size, not too big and not too small,” about her touch screen Dell laptop. 


Other features are also important, like the general speed and storage of a student’s computer. A HP computer is fast and allows students to use their computers freely without worrying about storage.


“I have an HP computer, and it works great,” says 7th grader Megan Kelly. “It’s a really fast computer and has lots of storage, so I can use it for multiple things. The camera is easy to open and good quality, but the mic can be fuzzy at times.”


Some students enjoy using their computers while others are wishing that their computer is better quality and has more features.


“I use an LG computer. I like that it’s a touch screen, but sometimes the touch screen gets in the way. The computer is also very slow, and the battery is starting to deplete,” 7th grader Charles Russo explains. “My computer has a camera, microphone, and battery, but they are all falling apart. I need to use third party attachments to get good audio and video quality.”


Charles Russo’s LG computer