Singin’ in the Rain Jr.

Opening Night


On October 23rd, 2019, the opening night of Singin in the Rain took place here at The Cove!  Our amazing drama students put together a beautiful performance for students and families to enjoy. 

The show ran from October 23rd to October 25thThe cast and crew included all grade levels from 6th grade to 8th grade. The show included all the songs from the classic Singin’ in the Rain movie, and it keeps the audience humming the songs all the way back home! The beautifully designed set made an already perfect show even better!  

Finley Couch, who played Lina Lamont’s vocal coach Miss Dinsmore, said, “It was really amazing because I got to make new friends and see my old ones. I enjoy hearing and being associated with all these incredible people. It was so fun and exhilarating to be on stage and I loved every second of it.”  

Emily Baltau, another performer said, “Being in Singing in The Rain has been such a great experience for me.  Everyone has been so supportive, loving, funny, and caring that I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been without it. The remarkable abilities of each and every person I met in Drama Club are absolutely astounding. I have felt so loved and appreciate everything everyone has done and know that this show has meant the world to me!” 

The audience was so lucky to see the talent and personality of everyone on stage and behind it, from students to teachers. Everyone could see the time and effort put into the show! 

“It was exciting and fun to create with my friends.  Seeing all these talented people was really cool. The bond that was made with these people is special” said Sofia Brown who did lights for the show.  

One of the audience members, Vanessa Allen, said, “The show was very good. I think that everyone there is very talented and all the lighting changes and sounds were on cue and that takes a lot. I think it was incredible and a very successful show!”  

Overall, opening night was very successful and the show turned out incredible. With the actors and tech all prepare with an audience ready for a great show, there’s nothing that could go wrong. 


Lina Lamont (Barbara Bomfim) gets a pie in the face by Kathy Selden (Mira Levinson).


Natalia Rendon, Bella Castelino, and Maya Levinson performing the famous song “Broadway Melody”.


The two leads Kathy Selden (Mira Levinson) and Don Lockwood (Miguel Cabrera) during the final scene of the show.