Latinos In Action Visit Local Elementary Schools


Constanza Hernandez, LIA student, reading a spooky story to a bilingual kindergartner class.

This month our wonderful leaders from Latinos in Action (LIA) 2 have started to tutor and help students and staff at Everglades Elementary. The LIA students are trained to become these children’s role models throughout this school year.

They do a variety of things such as lending a hand to the teachers to tutoring the kids with lessons or assignments. But most importantly they build a bond with their kids and the class. LIA students learn how to become not only a helper but a leader that sets an example for the younger kids.

Students have done as much as helps kids with snack time to even help translate their work so they understand. LIA leaders think that seeing the kids smile after they’ve been struggling with work or needed someone to play with at recess is worth taking some time off their day to help others out.

According to LIA 2 student, Agustina Tolosa, “Visiting Everglades Elementary and helping others out makes me feel so happy to know that I can do something that can make someone’s day easier.”

Many students such as Jesus Abbey agree with Agustina and said “Seeing the younger kids smile when they finally understand a lesson or finish helping stressed teachers makes not only them but me feel so good about myself and how I helped out.”

Leticia Gonzalez said “I look forward to coming back every other week and to see the kids smile on their face when I walk into the room ready to help.”

This is the second year that Falcon Cove’s Latinos In action visit Everglades Elementary to help. Many students believe that it’s a great experience which teaches them how to be responsible and take charge while having fun.

Latinos in Action student Alexandra Roye tutoring 4th grader at Everglades Elementary on her math assignment.
LIA arriving at Everglades Elementary for the first time this year.
Isabella Heer playing with her students and having a good time at recces.