Soccer Finals


County Champions

Soccer Finals Story 

The boys pose proudly getting ready to play the most important game of the season.


Three cheers for Falcon Cove! On October 16 the boys soccer team made it to the finals! The team, coach, and managers alike were beyond excited. The game took place at Western High School, and our incredibly talented Falcons played against Gulfstream Middle School. 

Gulfstream proved to be a worthy opponent, but the Falcons prevailed in the penalties, beating them 3-2. The boys have continued an outstanding winning streak.

Winning the finals was definitely a monumental moment in all of the players’ lives. Fantastic player Nicholas Cortes said, “It was a really nice experience, and I will remember it forever. Playing with my friends made the season really fun, too.” The team had an amazing time playing their best this past season, and this victory will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Each and every member of the team is ecstatic about the win. Camilo Bolanos stated, “The season was a great experience and I loved it. Winning is always an amazing feeling for an athlete.” During the soccer season, the boys used both teamwork and talent to win all of their games and deserve to feel proud about their wins. 

They’ve created lasting friendships, and this season is sure to be a memorable one. David Savinovich stated with pride, “It was a really great feeling and an amazing experience to be a part of.” Soccer is not only an enjoyable sport, but it brings people together, which is clear to see here at Falcon Cove.  It is safe to say both the students and staff are extremely proud of them for winning every game this season.