HOSA Students Take On Nursing For the Day


HOSA students experimenting what they learned at the Cleveland Clinic on a dummy

Abby Chaiet and Hailey Alexander

Day in a Life of a Nurse

Mrs.Velez’s HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) class and club went on an amazing field trip to Nova University. Twenty-six students went to learn about nursing. Once they arrived, the students were given schedules with different stations they would visit. 

Every station had a few students from Nova University are currently in the nursing program. They were there to talk about a day in a life as a nurse. One station taught students how to measure blood pressure and another station was teaching everyone how to wash their hands properly and stay clean. 

Another station was a simulation. The simulator mimicked a sick patient and the students had to figure out what was wrong. Julia Saff, a member of the HOSA class and club, said, “My favorite station was one where they gave us fake cuts and we had to put gauze on them and clean them out.”

After going to all of the stations, they learned how much effort it takes to become a nurse. There were many lessons about becoming a nurse. One lesson learned was that nurses have to give injections, shots, clean wounds and take blood pressure. Another lesson learned was that nurses have to be respectful to all of their patients. 

Nurses have to work in their field and practice, and they can’t do anything that a doctor should be doing. “The nurses have to make sure the patient is comfortable,” Julia Saff said. After a full day of learning what nurses do, these HOSA sudents now know what it’s like to be in the nursing field. 

Viviana Kolster, Alise Blila, and Andrea Bechalani learning from the nurses at Cleveland Clinic.


HOSA students posing with the nurses after their lessons in the Cleveland Clinic.