Hispanic Heritage Month


Colombia’s magnificent exhibit along with their hard working students and volunteers.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, our Latinos in Action (LIA) students came together to put up presentations of Latin American Countries. Throughout the week, students presented their projects in the school cafeteria during lunch hours.

At this event students were assigned a group or partner, each representing a country. They got to learn more about countries they were not as familiar with as well as teach others all the new things they learned.

With the help of Mr. Rodriguez and a group of volunteers the presentations turned out amazing with a display of traditional music, cultural food, flags, and famous legends from each country.

Students also had to share the countries’ cultures by working together to create a Powerpoint, poster, flyers, and bring in food, decorations, and more!

Laila Martin, Latinos in Action 2 student, said, “It was an amazing experience to share all the different cultures and traditions with students who don’t know as much about specific Latin American countries.”

Manuel Knoll, second year Latinos in Action student said, “The best part is getting to work with all my friends and being able to show others what we’ve been working on for the past few weeks.”

In the end, all students are so excited to keep passing this tradition up to upcoming years and hope that they will continue to work hard each year to celebrate the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Cuba’s outstanding presentation along with Mr. Rodriguez and two other volunteers.
LIA 2 wonderful students presenting Honduras with the help of volunteers.
Uruguay’s amazing presentation presented by Alexandra Roye and two moms who came to volunteer.
Venezuela and it’s beautiful features all put in an amazing presentation.