Dancing at The Cove


Cordell Aikman tests her flexibility by taking a leap in one of her dances!

This year the dance company is having tryouts! The dance company is the Falcon Cove’s Dance team. The administrator for dance company is Mrs.Alter. They perform at other schools and they performances on live TV such as last year.  Students need to audition to get on to dance company. Auditions can take up to 2-3 weeks, with call-back auditions. 

Dance company is something everyone works incredibly hard to get in. according to Lucia Contento, an eighth grader at Falcon Cove states “We haven’t finished the dance tryouts yet, It’s a long process that can take up to 2-3 weeks.” Dance company also goes to dance events all over South Florida. The dance company have more technical and advanced dancers.

Victoria Privatelli and Miranda Carcano stretch out their legs before they dance so they make sure they successfully pull off their dance.
Cordell Aikman tests her flexibility by taking a leap in one of her dances!












Ms. Miranda Carcano, an eighth grader as well, says “Dance company is important to me because I will be able to learn more skills and improve my dancing.” 

Dance company helps improve dancers in a whole new way. You get to meet lots of different people in dance company. They have great people there that really make the company so great. When asked what is the most important part of getting on dance company to you, Miranda replied with “Because I think it would be a great opportunity to meet new people and do more advanced dancing.” 

The dance company people are role models for the people in the elective dance. They can teach the people who don’t know the technique in class and help them improve as a dancer.  Right now they are trying to improve on technique and new skills that they haven’t perfected yet. At the end of the year the Dance company will do a show! So be excited for that.


Isabella Portillo confidently spins in front of her class, that’s what makes a leader here at Falcon Cove, being a good example to others!