Soccer – On a Roll!


Falcon Cove’s soccer teams have been on fire this season! Both the boys and the girls teams have won every game they’ve played, ensuring them a spot in the playoffs. The boys have been unstoppable thus far, and one can continue to expect great things from them! It’s no doubt that our players are amazingly talented. All members of the teams agree that it has been an incredible and exciting opportunity to play for Falcon. Nicolas Cortes stated, “It was a great feeling! I have had a lot of fun playing for the school’s team and making new friends.” 

         Not only has it been an enjoyable season for both Falcon teams, it has also been a season filled with well-earned wins. Their teamwork both on and off the field is inspiring, and both the boys and the girls have a fantastic way of communicating with one another during games. 

The girls have also played phenomenally this season, keeping a strong winning streak! Nattakara Phariyaniticupt, a star player on the girls team provided some insight on how spectacular it feels when her team scores. She said, “When we scored the second goal it was amazing because it put us in the lead, and it took off a lot of stress.” 

This season was also a time where experienced soccer players tried new things. Many of them played different positions and developed their skills even more! Giuliana Soares stated, “It was exciting switching to forward when I normally play center back. I scored too, which felt awesome.” 

This past season has clearly been an era of growth and victory, and the Falcons are surely destined to go far! The team members truly love this sport, and everyone is proud of their success so far. The players are proud of themselves too; David Savinovich added, “It was an amazing feeling because it felt like I was a part of the players that have represented this great school.”  Be sure to cheer on and support our talented teams at the semi-finals, and hopefully the finals!

The boys huddle up to discuss their game plan.
The girls embrace each other and celebrate their recent win!