Peace Week

Mrs. Harvey (Peer Counseling Teacher)


Victoria Chamorro, Victor Vila, Maria Luiza Bronstein Soares, Devora Moss, Isabel Gonzalez, and Ava Gillen showing their love for peace by making a peace sign

Shayna Slatkin, Zoey Levinson, and Helena Macias, Shayna Slatkin and Zoey Levinson - Writers, Helena Macias - Photographer

A Peaceful Week at The Cove 

After a week of peaceful wishes, beautifying the school, and helping others, peace week at The Cove has been a success. During Peace Week (September 20th– September 27th) peer counselors, artists, and students alike worked together to make the school a better and more pleasant place to be.  

One thing that peer counselors did to contribute to Peace Week was drawing colorful art on the school’s sidewalks. Everyone saw the drawings in between classes, walking to lunch, or in the mornings. Whether it be hope for their country, a symbol for peace, or a quote they like to live by positivity, was spread by all.  

“My favorite part about peace week was that students got to write positive messages and share them with the school,” said Victoria Di Lauro, a 7th grade peer counseling student who participated in the chalk drawings 

Another occurrence seen here at The Cove during peace week was the creation artistic pinwheels for peace. The pinwheels, along with peace posters, were made by Mrs. Goss’s art students. Students gave their pinwheels to teachers and administrators and displayed them around the school.  

Samhita Kashyap, an 8th grade art students said, “We used a quote by Albert Einstein Peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding’ on our poster. 

Peer counselors also painted and colored Starbucks coffee sleeves for peace week. When the coffee sleeves were finished, Mrs. Harvey dropped them off at the Weston Commons Starbucks. Instead of picking up a normal coffee sleeve, people got to pick out a beautiful coffee sleeve that, hopefully, would brighten up their day and remind them of peace and positivity around the world.  

“I loved the idea of making someone else’s day a little bit better by making colorful coffee sleeves for people to enjoy on their cup of Starbucks coffee,” explained Nina Fernades an 8th grade peer counselor. 

Starting on September 25th, the peace tree went up at our school. All students were welcome to write their peaceful wishes for the world and inspirations for all. The tree was displayed for everyone to see in front of the administrative office. Each person who entered the building had a clear view of the peace tree. 

Mrs. Harvey, the peer counseling teacher, thought Peace Week was a success! She said, “The peer counselors impressed me with their creativity and inspirational sayings during the chalk drawings and when designing the Starbucks sleeves. Many students in the school shared their wishes for peace for the world on the peace tree. We enjoyed celebrating Peace Week.”

The display of pinwheels outside of the school made by Ms. Goss’s art students
Amanda Margulies and Jordyn Lustig are showing their love for
peace in their drawing
Victoria Di Lauro is drawing the Argentinian flag to show peace for her country
Victoria Chamorro, Victor Vila, Maria Luiza Bronstein Soares,
Devora Moss, Isabel Gonzalez, and
Ava Gillen showing their love for peace by making a peace sign