Virtual Vs. In-Person Learning

Virtual Vs. In-Person Learning

Sofia Kapoukakis

This school year was not an ordinary one, considering the fact that many students learned online. For some, it was more challenging, but for others, it was easy to focus and learn. Many students divided their days between online and in class, but others chose only one to commit to. 

One student, Francine Pallini (8) says “I think that virtual learning was not the best idea because some students need in person learning and virtual learning is not good for that.” She did school in person every day (unless it wasn’t convenient/possible) and enjoyed it far more than online school because it was easier to focus and complete assignments. 

Other students, however, prefer online learning and are more adapted to it, like eighth grader Maria Hernandez. “I think virtual learning was a good idea and it worked well,” says Maria.  “However, it was sometimes difficult to focus in class but I think my teachers did a good job of teaching both virtual and in person students.” Virtual learning was not the ideal method of school, but students and teachers were able to make it work.

 Sometimes, there might have been a lack of communication between teachers and students because of the fact that some students could not talk to their teachers face to face. This was likely one of the causes of many students struggling in classes and not understanding lessons they were being taught in class. There is, of course, the more obvious reason students may not be doing well, because they are not able to focus in class and are distracted by things around them. 

Despite the challenges of this school year, both students and teachers overcame them and made the best of it.


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