Just About Summer Time!


Eva Oklin and Mariana Cueter

Whether it’s hanging out with friends or family, going out of town, or just laying back on your couch, we know that our Falcons will have the best time this summer. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s our second summer taking place during this pandemic. Even so, we know that this summer will contain so many fulfilling memories, that we can’t wait to hear when students come back!

Some have taken it upon themselves to make their summer jam packed with so many eventful activities! There’s never a dull moment for our Falcons, there’s always something exciting going on in their lives.

“I’ll be going to a summer camp for lifeguarding,” says seventh grader Isabela Santacruz, who has a very busy summer schedule, “As well as going to Colorado to see my cousins. We’ll be four wheeling on mountain trucks!”

One way to make of this summer, is doing the simple things. Having a pretty simple summer calendar of relaxing at the house, hanging out with friends. Doing these types of things may not be as packed but is just as fun!

“This summer I plan on playing sports,” says sixth grader Henry Mish, who has a pretty well-balanced summer planned out. “I also was planning on playing video games and going to a day camp.”

Other Falcons have made sure their summer started as soon as school ended! From one destination to the next, travels are very different in each area. This is how some people plan on spending their summer.

“I plan on traveling a lot this summer!” says eighth grader Eva Oklin, who seems to be going all over the state, and out this summer. “I’ll be going to a summer camp in North Carolina, Disney, and the Dominican Republic. I’m really looking forward to this summer!”