Quarter Four Chaos


Hallways have been getting busier since many students have returned to school

Joshua Stoll

When students and teachers come back from spring break, they know that exam season is just around the corner. From state testing, final exams, many students returning to school, and wrapping up the year, 4th quarter has been one of the busiest.


Testing this year was not like others in past years. Due to Covid-19, students were split into two different days of testing by last names, A-L and M-Z. The eLearning students also came to test, and overall, everything has gone smoothly.


“This has been a challenging year for everyone. Florida Standard Assessments (FSA) testing brings upon new challenges which I know both the students and the teachers will be able to knock out of the ballpark!” says Mrs. Alison London, 7th grade language arts teacher. “We are all so proud of the hard work and dedication our students have shown this school year in spite of all the challenges we have been faced with.”


On top of testing, students must complete their classwork assignments, but on the days, students are not testing and the other group of students are, they have a 3hr study hall period to complete their work. Students usually have 2 study hall periods per testing week, and on the other two days they test. In-person students spent time in the cafeteria, doing their work. 


“School testing has been very stressful to handle because I need to do assignments for classes and things in my home.” states 8th grade student, Suhas Korada.


Due to the fact that many students have been doing school virtually, this was the first time they came back to school in more than a year. Students were able to see their friends who they have not seen in months. Everyone was wearing masks and social distancing from each other.


“I got to see my friends in the car line since we weren’t separated into classes,” says 7th grader Lucy Cubeta. “I also saw my friend that had the same class as me that I haven’t seen in a while.”


E-learners and face to face students both were testing on the same days because of the long, crazy carpool line. The line went all the way down the street and turned in both directions, and, because of this, student were late to their testing rooms. This issue was fixed by waiting until everyone was at school to start the test.


“The line was really long. I was worried that I wasn’t going to make it in time,” said 7th grade student Sophia Paduano. “But the school waited for me, and I got there.”


Additionally, many students decided it was time to return to school for the final quarter of the school year. The amount of e-learners has decreased while the amount of in-person students has shot up in the last nine weeks of this year. After three quarters of the year spent online, it’s easy to see why Falcons were ready to return to actual classrooms. Right now, teachers are finishing up with their curriculum and getting ready for next year’s students.


In the end, this year’s testing had some issues, but they were resolved very quickly. Students came to school, did their tests and spent some much-needed time with friends. This year’s testing is one for the books, and we are looking forward to summer!


“I think the FSA in useful and a good way to see where you are in the school year.Although I don’t understand the stress around it,” states 6th grade student Isabella Rodriguez. “I understand its state testing but it’s just a review of the whole year.”