Covid-19 Affecting Learning in Schools


Eva Oklin and Mariana Cueter

Over one year ago, the face of learning has changed here at Falcon Cove due to COVID-19. From the different methods of teaching to taking part in discussions, almost every aspect of learning has been modified one way or another. It may have been a challenge, but Falcons have been working their hardest to adjust!


While in the beginning of COVID learning was very inconvenient, over the past months this has improved. Although, there still are some difficulties that have stayed just as before that have made learning a struggle.


“I couldn’t concentrate as well as I did the years before,” states Lisa Tessel, an eighth grader who transferred back to in school learning after several months. “Online school is for sure a little more challenging since it is really easy to get distracted.”


E-learning was a whole new lifestyle for students at Falcon. Unlike in the middle of the school year, Falcons didn’t have an option whether to stay at home or stay in school at first. Figuring out how to fit in to this new way of learning was a bit of a trouble for us.


“When e-learning first started, it was a bit difficult, “says seventh grader Daniel Villegas, who had also gone back to school once it was made a choice. “but over time I adjusted.”


Knowing that this is new for everyone, you’d imagine that this would be a huge mess. However, the school has found a sufficient way to balance and organize learning for both in school and at home students.


“I think the teachers did a good job trying to include the online students,” said seventh grade e-learner Madison Kopf, who also misses communicating face to face. “I don’t like not being able to interact with my teachers as much.”


Teachers have also been affected by COVID towards learning. While it may be hard to believe, even though COVID has been harsh, teachers have benefitted during this time. Some, better than others.


“I haven’t given any tests because what is the point?” says both U.S. history and geography teacher Steven Bryant. “I think COVID has made me a better teacher by focusing on the positive and understanding stacking students with needless assignments don’t benefit anyone.”