Falcon Cove Testing Season is in Full Swing

Falcon Cove Testing Season is in Full Swing

It is that time of the year when Falcon Cove students must prepare themselves to take the FSA (Florida Standardized Assessments). The first FSA this year took place on April 6th . The students of Falcon Cove Middle should prepare themselves for the coming testing days during the end of the school year. 


Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from Falcon Cove take their tests on different weeks depending on what test they are taking. The FSAs, or Florida Standardized Assessments, include the different subjects of math, reading, and writing. But not all students think that same way about the tests.


 “I feel that standardized testing may be worked up too much because students may not perform at their best during tests but still have lots of knowledge,” says Isabella Gusso, sixth grader. 


The stress on the kids is a major letdown of the tests, let alone that each child has about two or three FSAs to complete. This sum is without counting the finals that students have to do if they are taking high school credit classes. The tests test you to see where each student is at, and it is important to give it your all, but with the stress of getting good grades and studying for tests outside the FSAs, the standardized tests can be an additional stressor for students. 


“I understand why we have standardized testing; it’s a way to track our progress and compare schools,” says eighth grader, Sofia Garcia. “That doesn’t make it any less stressful though.” 


Standardized testing is an extra review for the year, to test the kids on what they’ve learned over the course of the year and how much of the information that they took in. With most kids, testing months can be a stressful time and an anxiety increaser. With the most obvious way to test students quickly, FSAs aren’t going anywhere.


 “I think the standardized tests are a good way to review student’s knowledge and grade them on it,” says seventh grader Maitena Cammisi. “Although it is also very anticipated and adds a lot of stress to students and makes them more anxious than what they should be. But I think overall they are a good review for the year.” 


From sixth grade to eighth grade, students during testing are trying their best to keep up the good work and so is the staff such as teachers and parent volunteers who help make the tough weeks run more smoothly. Overall, testing is a situation where it can be tough, especially in the difficult time we’re in, however, it can be rewarding when kids try their best and come out on the other side with a good score. 


“With standardized testing I feel that it can be stressful but it’s also a point where you give it your all with what you’ve learned like any test,” says Daniela Mirón, a sixth grader. “It’s just very nervous right when you’re about to take it and it’s a lot of pressure but in the end, I feel like I did well.”