Frigo CheeseHead’s Build A Bright Future Competition


Zoe Horwitz

Congratulations Falcon Cove! Our school has been nominated for the $10,000 grand prize for the Frigo Cheese Heads “Build a Bright Future” contest!


The objective of this contest was to submit an essay or video for a chance to win ten thousand dollars to build brighter futures for its students and support science and robotics programs in education. Falcon Cove has beat out many schools to get to the finals of this competition. 


“I really want my school to win,” states 8th grade biology student, Lisa Tessel. “My family and I have been voting everyday. Go Falcons!”


The essay, which was very well written by Charles Russo and his family, is definitely prize-worthy. It plays with your thoughts, by asking you right off the bat what an astronomer would be like without a telescope. 


“I found an email about [the Bright Futures competition] and decided to do it, so I asked my mom to help me,” says Charles Russo, a seventh grade student at Falcon Cove who participates in robotics, GEARS, and science competition. “We wrote the essay and nominated Falcon Cove”


If Falcon Cove wins the prize money, it would certainly go to good use and impact the students. More money could mean more science equipment, robotics tools, technology, and lab supplies to make experiments and lessons more interactive and diverting. 


“Winning would help my fun and hardworking students with their learning,” states sixth grade science teacher, Richard Keery. “Falcon Cove is the best school and we deserve the best.”


As you can see, the prize money would be very beneficial to our schools’s science and robotics departments. Hopefully Falcon Cove can pull out the win, and students, don’t forget to vote on Cheese Heads Bright Future every day until December 11th!


“I have been encouraging students in almost every class period to vote,” says eighth grade biology and seventh grade life science teacher, Chantae Mitchell. “The funding to build on robotics and science programs is one of the main reasons we should win this competition.”