Falcon Cove’s Special Olympics

Mrs.Brilliant with some of our special Olympians!
One of our Olympians posing with his teacher!
On Thursday, December 5, Falcon Cove held their very first Special
Olympics. The Special Olympics was an event where students who
have special needs play different basketball activities in the gymnasium. The
games varied from shooting, dribbling to passing.
Many teachers around the school helped out with this event and some
students, specifically cheerleaders and peer counselors, went to cheer on the

Coach Jones, who helped with the event, thought special

Another one of our Olympians!
olympics was a great event for special needs kids. “If I had to describe the event
in one word it would be awesome.” he said.
Valentina Solorzano, an eighth grader from sixth period peer counseling,
loved participating at this event and cheering on the kids. “My favorite part was
definitely the huge smiles all the kids had on their faces whenever they scored
and cheering them on was really fun.” she says.
Ms.Harvey, the peer counseling teacher, loved helping out with the event.
“It was a really fun experience and I would absolutely do it again next year.” she
Another person who helped was Ms. Annis, a special needs teacher at
Falcon Cove, who had lots of fun with her kids at the event . “Their favorite
activity by far was the shooting. They really liked that one.” she mentioned.