Falcon Cove Book Lovers Give a Helping Hand

Falcon Cove Middle School and Westwood Heights Elementary sharing the love of reading.
     Friday, December 13, Nest Aides and Book Club students traveled to Westwood Heights
Elementary to spread the love of reading. These students were beyond excited to deliver books
to the students and see their smiling faces.
    Ms. Stacey Farmer, Media Specialist, was the most excited to give these books away
as five carts were loaded onto the bus.
“I’m super excited about the field trip and it’s gonna benefit Westwood Heights because
these students probably don’t have the funds to buy books. This is a way to see how donating
the books gives back to other students in the county and how it’s going to help them become
better readers,” said Farmer.
    Many of the students participating had a lot of enthusiasm about how this would benefit
the school and its students.
    “I was actually happy to go on this trip because I was able to give more books to all the
children that need it because the school did not have a lot of books,” 8th grader Sanjana Mandava
    This is just one of the many book drives that Farmer and her students participated
in, and she hopes to participate in many more.