JA Finance Park Field Trip

JA Finance Park Field Trip

Eighth-grade students dove into a world of financial learning from November 18 through November 22. The Falcon Cove students went on the Junior Achievement Inspire Field Trip and stayed at JA Finance Park for the day. 

The students went by bus to JA Finance Park, and once there, after brief instructions on what they were going to do, each student was given a random scenario on a tablet, detailing their income, family, debt, credit score, job, and so on. 

“JA was very helpful to me and made me learn a lot of new things,” said eighth-grader Sofia Nehdar. “It was a very good experience and gave me the feeling of being an adult.”

The Falcon Cove students got to become ‘adults’ for a couple of hours. They learned more about different jobs, organizations, and financial know-how by stopping at each office in the small town. Each office was a representation of an actual organization in the real world, such as City Furniture. 

“That’s Just Life was my favorite office to be in because the chaperone was really nice and I learned a lot of valuable life skills,” said Isabella Clark. 

Afterward, the students planned a budget and had to shop according to the amount of money they budgeted for each category. Before the bus ride back to school, students were given a summary of what they had accomplished for the day.

“JA provides all students an opportunity to experience life as an adult,” explained trip organizer Howard Gillman. “It is a simulation of what is required as young people grow into older positions including getting a job, taking care of their family, and being responsible for all the necessary items to fulfill their family budget.”

Ana Luiza Macedo looking fancy as she is ready to go to work!
The students just arrived at JA Finance Park.

Falcon Cove Students are enjoying a day in the adult life.

Falcon Cove students are enjoying a day in the adult life.