Candy Canes For Sale

‘Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala lalalala, the time of year where helping others is very touching. That is why the students in HOSA decided to do something life-changing and make a difference.

On campus, it is very common to see students selling items to fundraise for their classes and clubs. This year, HOSA, one of the many electives around Falcon Cove, worked on a big project that is part of one of their many competitions. 

“HOSA is selling candy canes for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation,” said Jessica Velez, the HOSA teacher. Velez is giving the students a sweet tooth before the break, but her cause is giving a sweet feeling to other kids.

Velez said, “HOSA is about helping students learn about the human body and explore different healthcare professions. Even though this is what HOSA is about, they also help those in need.” “The candy cane fundraiser is for a HOSA service project,” said Mrs. Velez.

Emma Wiederman, an 8 grader, purchased candy canes and said, “They’re using it for a good cause to help kids in need and it helps so many people.” She said this event should be done again and the flavor is super enjoyable.

“It’s for a charity and we are trying to spread information to help the community,” said Ella Meek, a HOSA 8th grade student. “It all starts with us!”

HOSA members preparing to sell candy canes to support pediatric cancer.
The HOSA adviser and the HOSA president getting ready to start selling.
HOSA members on the go, selling candy canes.