A Day in Debate


At Falcon Cove, the debate team is a group of hardworking students who dominate the tournaments that they attend. Ms.Jennifer Dailey, debate coach, has coached team to compete and win debate tournaments at the local and national school level monthly. 

Debate team competes in tournaments such as impromptu, public forum, congressional debate.

On October 22nd, Debate Team won 18 medals.

8th grade debate student, Nicole Chen, had won for impromptu. She said, “My event, impromptu, consists of preparing a speech for a specific amount of time and speaking for the rest of it. This whole process should be concluded in seven minutes.”

In July, Debate Team will complete at the national competition held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a fundraiser, debate students sold popcorn, Chen said: “The popcorn fundraiser raised money to help pay for nationals in.”