Escape Room at Falcon Cove


On November 7 and 8, sixth grade science teacher, Ms. Tami Grant, created an escape room for her students. 

In teaching her students plate tectonics, Grant wondered if she could come up with a way to get her students more involved. An idea she came up with was an escape room.

 This escape room would be a fun way for students to review the material and challenge themselves about material they learned in class. “I felt like it was a better way to practice the material learned in class and it was a more fun, hands on experience,” said Tami Grant.

Students had a good time while completing their escape room. “It’s a really fun activity and it helps us learn what we’ve gone over in class,” said Camila Aristizabal, a student in fourth period. 

Because of the escape room environment, the students could try out different answers and see which answers fit into the puzzle until they got to the end. 

“It was fun how we could experiment with our answers to see if they were correct or not,” said student, Chiara Pileggi. All of the students in Grant’s class reviewed and learned a lot. Whether it was experimenting with answers or just reviewing, the students had fun while participating in this science escape room.



All the students working on their escape room


Decorations featured in the escape room