6th Grade Cambridge Park Clean Up

6th Grade Cambridge Park Clean Up

Written by Camila Sandia and Alessia De Leo

On October 28, the sixth grade Cambridge students went to Markham Park to clean up trash around the area. This field trip was the first trip that our sixth grade Cambrigde students have gone on. They were beyond excited to go on this trip because as part of Cambridge, students are happy and ready to serve our community. 

Student Ileana Navarrete said, “Picking up trash was fun because we were helping the environment.” The students were proud of their efforts to make the world a cleaner place, one step at a time. Cambridge focuses on motivating students to help others in their community, and this field trip was a great way to do so. 

Andrea Homez said, “I felt good about cleaning up the community.” The field trip, led by Ms. Margarette Hernandez, sixth grade Cambridge ELA teacher, created a newfound passion for helping the environment, and students and staff couldn’t be more proud!

Smiling students helping the environment.
Attentive students ready to clean up the park.
6th graders having a blast cleaning up!