Breast Cancer Awareness


Falcons have been wearing pink every Friday during October to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every Friday, Falcon Cove has had students and staff wearing shades varying from neon pink to baby pink to show their support for breast cancer awareness. More and more students were starting to participate in the movement as the month flew by.

 “I felt like I was making a difference in some way,” said cheerleader Emma Abecassis. “I really liked wearing the bows and the socks because showing my support is important and makes me feel like a better person.”

Our cheerleaders wore pink bows and socks at our basketball games to show their awareness. They wore vivid pink colors while cheering in front of large crowds of parents and students to promote the cognizance of breast cancer

 Our hallways and classrooms were as colorful as ever with makeshift posters, courtesy of HOSA, dotting every turn. These posters were made by our very own Falcon Cove students. Some of the posters have facts and even include quotes so that passersby can be quickly well informed about breast cancer.

“I think our posters are colorful and they make people want to read them. I liked making these because supporting breast cancer awareness makes me feel good about myself. It gives off positive vibes and I like that,” explained HOSA adviser Jessica Velez

FCMS basketball team goes pink by donating $500 to the American Cancer Society to fight breast cancer. With the help of Coach Tony and Coach Quintero, our school helped contribute to support breast cancer awareness

“I think donating to the cause is a really good thing to do”, said Bryan Segura, boys basketball team member.

HOSA sudents have made fun posters!
The posters are cute and fact-filled.
The posters are elegant and informative.
This provides some helpful advice concerning breast cancer.