Falcon Cove Study Hall


Study hall is one of many electives available here at Falcon Cove. In study hall, students can finish their homework, study for upcoming tests, and review any assignments they don’t understand. Students take this class to ease their workload and give more time to spread out homework. With more time, students can focus on their homework without getting distracted.

Computers are available for any online homework or projects.

“Study hall affords students the opportunity to study, make-up work, and complete assignments that they would ordinarily do at home. Many students have extracurricular activities that limit their time and study hall is a perfect option for them,” Mr. Ian Powers, study hall teacher stated. 

In this elective, students can finish all assignments, and read once they have finished.

However, the real question is why should study hall stay? Many teachers and administrators say that, during study hall, students are on their phone, or playing games on the computer. The students usually do this when they have completed all of their work; although, when they are done with their work they should get ahead on classwork or read a book. Some students aren’t productive in class, but that doesn’t mean other students should be deprived of extra time for work.
According to creative writing teacher, Mrs. Robin Rubin, “Study hall is great because it gives kids the time to work.” Many students have activities after school such as sports, or arts. Students may come home late at night, and feel stressed out about quizzes, tests, classwork, homework, and/or after school projects. Study hall may help relieve some of that stress.

Having a study hall period can give students the resources they need to get assignments done.

Mr. Harvey Lipshutz, 7th-grade civics teacher stated, “Some kids benefit from having a study hall class to get work done in. It can be used for academics and organization. The elective is a privilege because it grants students time to get more work done”.

Students, like the ones shown here, use their time effectively to get their work done.

Study hall gives students a chance to work. It relieves the student workload by giving extra time to students so that they have time for their hobbies. This elective can help students to improve their understanding of something they may not have fully grasped in class.